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Living Boldly...The Vision Keeper

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

As a little girl, I remember frequently experiencing this perplexing awareness of "why do people look and act unhappy, when I could feel the love all around."

I could feel everyone's love and beauty registering as a warmth in my heart and yet I was seeing and feeling quite the opposite...fear reflected in the faces around me. Fear in the form of lack of time, freedom, money, of worry, sadness, disempowerment, estrangement, isolation, disease, and more. Of course, my little mind could not articulate all of this at the time, but could only feel the tightness, the contraction, the vacant absence expressed in their physical expressions and behaviors.

Beginning early on, I strived to live in this world, to fit in, to learn the rules, play the game, be successful, "play the roles" society set forth and achieve familial approval. I became a perfectionist and a pleaser. Driven with anxiety, I could not tolerate perceived failure, stayed safe in the predictable and could not venture forth into the unknown opportunity. My inner voice was muted to the hyper focus of the needs of the others around me. I became a giver with no boundaries, desiring to be liked by all to support my fragile self-confidence.

Through many years and inner inquiry, I have returned to the same question, peeling away the layers to my deeper truths. "Why am I participating in this game, when I know, I remember a better way. A more expansive way, a way of living with great ease, freedom, love, peace, harmony, grace, joy, prosperity, and health. A life released from suffering, lack, over efforting, pushing, and competition. I remember the knowing within me that living a "heaven on earth" life is not only possible now, its our birthright and our natural state of Being in our wholeness.

I am remembering again the secret my little girl continues to hold for me...

I am love, we are all love. I feel love deeply. I know you are love at your essence. I know you. I see you. When we see at the soul level, we see the truth. At times we forget, and we play the game, but that's not important now. What is important now is that we remember again and we choose to keep remembering...thought by thought, moment by moment.

In no way do I have any regrets or animosity toward the experiences of my formative years and loved ones. They were perfect for offering enriching opportunities to better know myself. I am deeply honored for the journey, the shared experiences and the learning and growth gained because of them.

Being bold, living boldly is living as a pioneer in this frontier of a seemingly chaotic, messy world and choosing loving thoughts toward self and others. Seeing a vision and holding the truth of a new way of Being, living and loving in action. This creates a bridge, a new pathway, new possibilities and as examples, we usher in this new paradigm of love and consciousness. Giving and receiving love is the same action. What you offer outward, is returned to you in like.

We hold this knowing of a new way within us, in our energy field, our thoughts, our actions, our loving words. Others will seek, when ready, no judgement, as each has a unique soul path. The new way is blazed by those who resignate as the pioneers in their own lives.

Thank you for joining me in remembering, for vision keeping your unique truths aligned with love for the greater good of all.

My deepest love and honor to you, co-creators of a new vision.

Living boldly in love and truth,


Ponder: What does living boldly in love feel like to you? What does your little girl or boy hold in your memory for you?

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