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You are an Infinite Being of Potentials and Possibilities

Remembering that your power lies within you as a Divine Creator Being of Love and Light.

So what do you want to create?

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Come Home to the Truth
of Who You Are

Each one of us is an energetic Being housed in a human body, a holy temple. We are an individuated, unique soul expression of the Divine/God/Oneness/Universal Truth. Every soul has an individual energetic vibrational signature.  Your soul experiences are recorded vibrationally as your soul's energy field, referred as your Akashic Record.  Accessing this Akashic Field connects you to information that reveals and guides you to your own truth and knowing, a remembering of who you truly are.  This resource provides you with access to a greater vision of your potentials, purpose, abilities, relationships, creativity and more.  It also aligns you with the vibration of any supportive healing energies.

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My passion is
co-creating with you...

As a guide, channel, leader and healing partner, it is my greatest joy to assist you to connect with your own deeper soul wisdom and knowing, to discover your unique truths and expression for living your highest potential life.  When collaborating together, the light of clarity brings new awarenesses and perspectives that create realignment to your own inner divine navigation system.  No inquiry is too big or small when dancing in the light!  Let's decide to live boldly in love, together.

 If this resonates with you, check out below further details and services to best support your journey.  If you have any questions or loving comments, send me an email by going to 'Get in Touch' found on the tool bar at the top of the screen.  Love to hear from you and your light!

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Details about your session with Lorie

We come together within a container of unconditional love and safety fully supported by our divine light

The setting is easy, light, fluid, informal and fun

The session is co-creative and conversational, so bring your questions/topics to explore

All shared information/energy is of the highest love and light and of the greatest good for all

You will receive the information and healing energy that you are ready, willing and open to receive

Your session will take place over the phone, be audio recorded and emailed to you within one day

The session is unique, individualized and perfectly energetically aligned to support your needs

Services include but not limited to channeling higher wisdom of non-physical resources such as your higher self, guides, light beings, animals, family, Akashic Records.

Yes, you can combine a personal and pet reading session, absolutely

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Services to Support You

All sessions occur over the phone in the comfort of your own space.


Channeling and Energetic Guidance Sessions

As your facilitator, we co-create together to access your Soul Records and collaborate with guides for offering clarity, guidance, support, and healing wisdom in all areas of life interests.


Animal and Family Pet Readings

Ask and gain helpful information directly from your special animal friends and family in any area of interest or concern. They each have their own perspective and wisdom to share with you.

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