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I have had several Akashic readings in recent years with other experienced practitioners which I found interesting but not as informative as I had hoped.  Thus, I had low expectations when I met with Lorie but she proved to be a very clear channel with lots of information that was detailed and cohesive.  In one hours time, we covered health, career, relationships and even my dog's health issues.  I was given a clear picture of what was coming up for me in the next year.  Thank you Lorie for the reassurance to stay on the path I'm on.  ~Scott M.

Lorie gave me an amazing Akashic records session on my birthday!  My guides were enthusiastic to connect with me through her.  The things they had to say were wonderful and helpful to support me in my journey.  I had questions about things going on in my life and their responses were enlightening.  Lorie is a very connected and intuitive light worker!  She communicates the information given with grace and ease. She is so talented in her abilities to translate what the guides are saying and conveys the information so well.  I highly recommend connecting with Lorie and your spirit guides!  ~Paula S.

The wisdom Lorie channels runs wide and deep.  She is able to listen to what the animals are communicating as well as the energy behind and around them, putting it all into a fuller context.  My dog has always had some anxiety since rescue, but over the past year or so, it has increased markedly.  He and I had a session with another Animal Communicator who was very helpful, but I felt there was something we weren't tapping into, something deeper, so I made an appointment with Lorie.  As I hoped, Lorie tapped right into a much larger picture of Bodhi's anxiety, which offered a broader perspective so he and I could work together differently and ultimately more successfully.  I'm so appreciative of Lorie and the depth of her skills.  ~Margie G.

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